Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How e-learning Udemy clone app is also expedient in promoting business

Udemy is the home for more than 40,000 courses, 20k instructors and 12 million students participating from over 190 countries around the world. This is evident that Udemy is highly reachable. So there is a possibility that udemy can be used for promoting one’s business.


Users can utilize Udemy clone app for promoting business along with earning money by uploading educational videos. It projects you as an expert in your field. You can start any course related to your field. Users can be musicians, artists, mechanics or accounts and they can start their course on teaching ‘how to do it.’ Users can increase traffic to their websites by offering the courses at free of costs. This will drive people to your website for showing interest in buying your products and services.

By this way Udemy clone app aids in promoting and marketing business. Visitors engagement will be higher than other commercial websites doing business. You can move one step further towards promotion by getting emails and phone numbers from the visitors. You can promote your newly launched products to the customers by sending them newsletters.

There are various customized features provided by Udemy clone app

Language selection as per the consumer’s location

Have a complete control over the application and make necessary actions when required

Advertisement can be shown without difficulty and customize as per the advertisers’ requirement

Payment option is open widely to many options

Separate and highly customized dashboard for instructors to manage their profile and courses

Download options for users if they find the particular session to be useful

Notification to users related to the news of the courses

Referral options for users to earn rewards.

AppDupe will be the prompt answer for your search of developing Udemy clone app from the accurate and reliable Udemy clone script. Your business will cherish by creating the best Udemy clone app in the market.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Building a Video-Streaming Application like YouTube: Benefits and Cost Estimation

Nowadays, people are willing to pay huge amounts for data and utilizing it regularly for various purposes. The craze for entertainment has increased since it helps individuals to keep their souls refreshed. This lead to the inception of many different online video streaming websites and apps, and one such notable application “YouTube” is generating revenue in millions. Since it allows users to watch their skipped programs at any time. A recent study discusses that the application upload more than 35 hours of videos in just 30 minutes, which is quite impressive.

As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to invest on a video-streaming application like YouTube, you can deliberately start it today since the app can generate revenue immensely. All you have to do is to search for a developing partner to create or buy a YouTube clone script. Clone scripts are affordable and have features that work seamlessly just like the original. For startups, it is a beneficial option.
The clone apps will have the same benefits and features but require less investment. Here, we will explain the features of the app so that you can prepare to enhance or integrate it into your new application.

Offline view
This feature allows the user to save the video for an offline view. User can download and watch later whenever possible. As the name suggests offline, the user doesn’t have to use data while watching the videos. Also, can mark videos that he/she wishes to view later.
Customized videos
User preferred videos will be identified with the help of AI and will be automatically displayed over the home screens. So, whenever users enter the application, their most-chosen videos will be displayed so that the views will get increased as well as they won’t get disappointed with these options.
Sharing options
This feature allows the user to share videos across various applications with a sharing option. Using this option, the video can be shared with a single tap. Also, there is another option named “History,” which allows the users to view the already watched videos.
Subscription options
This is one of the most important features since this gives users the right to choose their channel and videos that they must get notified about. This feature is integrated to provide videos and shows that customers would expect to watch when uploaded.
This kind of application is both entertaining and informative. People can find all types of videos right from education to household chores. So, people will always find it useful and be engaged. As an entrepreneur, you will have a huge chance to earn revenue and be successful after developing the application.  
Cost for developing a YouTube clone app
Every entrepreneur wishes to invest less and generate more revenue. And for startups, it will be hard to manage their expenses at the initial stage. Developing an application would cost between $5500 and $12,000. And as said earlier, choosing a clone app will be a better option since the cost will be less compared to others. Try AppDupe; they offer the best apps in the industry with alluring features at an affordable rate. You can take a demo or can interact with their developers to know more about the cost and other details.

Friday, May 17, 2019

How Udemy makes things work for learners?

In today’s fast-growing economy, obtaining specific skills and certifications are the primary requirements to progress in a career. Finding time and money are the two main factors acting as a barrier to progress in career. It is a very convenient way to learn and gain knowledge about a particular topic, whenever a learner think it’s necessary. This is where e-learning comes to play.

The process of learning is carried out whenever and wherever it suits one’s need. E-learning is where one can learn from the online courses provided by means of video content. Instructors can create courses in an open online platform which would be similar to the traditional way of educating learners.

Learning skills are not limited to academic learning alone but also involves various activities like receiving training in music, arts and tips to stay fit or healthy. Instructors are not limited by locations as they can teach courses from any part of the world.

The users can witness a huge price difference between courses offered in the Udemy and courses offered directly. One can find a course offered on Udemy with very high discounts. There are thousands of promo codes available that benefit from paying less amount to the courses.

Another convenient advantage of the Udemy is that users can sign up whenever they want to. Learners can view the instructor videos, take notes along with fellow students, download videos and discussions with the instructors. There are no constraints of time length so that the users can take up a course at any time and complete in the desired pace of time.

After completion of a course, the users will be rewarded with a certificate of achievement. A learner can take the online course to earn certification as a credit or to develop a particular skill needed. This certificate acts as evidence for the learner’s career growth that they want to attain.


It would be economical if the skills and certifications are obtained using a digital platform. You can go ahead and get the Udemy clone app from AppDupe as a fundamental step to progress towards your goal by making the users to learn and improve their skills.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Clean Your dirty dry business with Uber for Laundry App

The increasing desire for comfort has made the use of mobile and web applications significant in our daily life. From having basic apps like calendar and radio to having apps for every basic need, there’s been a dynamic shift. If you're reading this blog, I’m sure you can relate to it.

Why get an app?

A lot of businesses have become better and reached greater heights after going digital. As the users of mobile and web apps are growing exponentially, there is a definite amount of scope to get more customers. According to the statistics of Business of Apps, there’s been an increase of around 50 billion app downloads in last year i.e.197 billion in 2017 versus 149 billion in 2016. In a nutshell, more customers every single day. This is exactly the reason to have an app for your venture.


Want to make your laundry business a hit?

People who return home drained from work would definitely not want to see a pile of clothes for laundry. If you have a laundry business to make their life easier, then we have a service that will make your life better. AppDupe, a clone app development company offers a clone app of Uber for Laundry. 

The benefits

The features of the clone app are as follows

Live Geo­-tracking- track your launderer in real time.

Change/Cancel Booking-You can cancel or change the booking through the app without any hassles. 

Talk To Your Launderer- communicate with your launderer any time during the service

Work History- check for our history of receiving orders. 

Review System-  To check for reviews and also place one.

Detailed Profile- to know better about the said launderer. 

Social Media Login- log in using Facebook or Google

Toggle Launderer Availability- choose the launderer according to your and their availability

Select Service Type- depending on your apparel and your service needs.

That's a few of the essential features we offer the customers and the admin. Exclusively for the entrepreneur, we provide the clone app wholly white-labelled and with our turnkey solution, you can make profits instantly. Apart from all the features aforementioned, we also offer a 100%  customizations. Chat with our experts right away!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Changing the stay space with AppDupe’s Airbnb Clone App

Do you know the coolest way of making money as an entrepreneur? 

It is building an Airbnb clone app and relaxing in someone’s homestay. Here’s something that will give you an idea about how well Airbnb has fared. 

In 2011, the company started its overseas expansion, opening its first international office in Hamburg, Germany. Airbnb, which generates its revenue through service fees to hosts and guests, was valued at 31 billion U.S. dollars in May 2017. 

Travel and tourism industry has surpassed $1 Trillion, it is the ideal time to enter the market and possibly rule it. However, building an app from scratch is costly and takes a lot of time. It is only prudent to mention the risks of crashing due to random reasons. But with clone apps, you can beat the risks as the features have been field tested. With our Airbnb clone, you will receive the most advanced application in a short span of time and without burning a big hole in your pocket.

These are a few features your app needs to have without fail: 

 Dashboard For Admin & Provider

Email And Phone Number Verification

Search And Filter

Map And Location Based Search


Airbnb Clone App


AppDupe’s Airbnb Clone Solution offers you access to the growing stay system. App users can book their stay at their favourite holiday destinations and likewise, hosts can list their place for users. A brilliant solution to help reduce the reliance on expensive hotels and unforeseen middlemen. 

We develop stellar homestay apps like AirBnb that offers both hosts and users with an easy-to-use interface and a powerful admin dashboard for our clients.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How AirBnb Clone app becomes the best stay issue solving app for your business?

What is Airbnb?

AirBnb as a platform enables prior booking of stays and places that are listed by hosts. Your  users can book a stay of their choice based on their specifications. Ranging from pet friendly to couch stay.

Host Insights!

Generally, when it comes to stay, they are rented to people for a short amount of time. With an Airbnb like app, the owner (your stay partners) can rent their place whenever it is unoccupied. Your customers would find these options cheaper than booking a hotel room. In contrast, the owners can actually make good money with every customer, provided they get customers frequently.

The owner, if they are social, they can meet new people. Travellers generally look for comfort and recommendations in a new city from the locals and  your partners can come in handy in such a scenario.

Startups and revenue

If you wish to start a business like Airbnb then you should know how you would be making revenue.

There are two major ways of making revenue

Revenue from the payment the visitors make
Revenue from the host when the visitors check out

Tips to be aware of:

It is pivotal to ensure the safety of the visitors and the stay and therefore the app will have a mandatory authentication process. Similar to Airbnb, your clone app will  ask for an approved Identity proof which can be checked by the host while checking-in.

AppDupe’s whitelabel solutions to the rescue

With Whitelabel solutions, you hold the entire rights to use your app by infusing your company branding and logo. A simple and powerful way to enter the market in no time. And the best part, you can get it customized 100%. So in simple words, our Whitelabel Airbnb Clone App solutions offer you a powerful app, delivered within your budget, and customized to suit your needs.

AppDupe is the forerunner in app development services. You can start your on-demand vacation rental booking business with a robust Airbnb clone app. If you have ideas and terms, they also can be integrated into the app as AppDupe has a team of expert developers.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Aspects you need to explore while building the perfect Instacart Clone app!

Technology behind success  

"It was 2012, people were ordering everything online, meeting people online, watching movies online, yet the one thing everyone has to do every single week — buying groceries — we still do in an archaic way," - said Apoorva Mehta. This is what he had in mind while taking the first few baby steps towards the legendary e-grocery market, Instacart.

Presently, smartphones are common everywhere, and the use of apps to buy products online became a norm among the people. The success of any business is determined not only by its quality but also by its timing. Instacart, Uber and Lyft became successful because they started their business at the right time, where technology is considered to be the successful strategy behind every startup. 

Starting an e-grocery business- The Basics
Starting an online grocery business is a great idea if you have a successful app to tapp customers. Apps have become the medium that your customers need to avail services.

Are you someone who is looking for ways to develop an app on a minimal budget, but also with high quality? The best solution is to get yourself clone apps. These apps are better in terms of features. 

Grocery clone App

Appdupe, is one company that's renowned company to developing clone app offers on-demand grocery delivery clone with a lot of advanced features such as

Wide range of categories

Your customers can search from a wide range of categories. This gives them a lot of options to choose from and this is needed to ensure your customers use the app again.  

Referral System

Referral ensures an easy and organic way for your app to be famous. The people who download your app will get benefits through referrals.

A few more features include; 

Adservice integration
Language translation
Video calls 
Bitcoin wallet integration

Get in touch with AppDupe and you will get the most perfect grocery delivery app for your business. 

How e-learning Udemy clone app is also expedient in promoting business

Udemy is the home for more than 40,000 courses, 20k instructors and 12 million students participating from over 190 countries around the...